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Let's Show the Power of BTC Ordinals By Growing 999999999x 🆙 Together!
Xups Story

The BRC-20 Revolution

The BRC-20 standard marked a groundbreaking moment in the world of Bitcoin. This was the first time ever that technology allowed us to create and transfer tokens directly on the Bitcoin network, without any middlemen. It was a huge step towards achieving the dream of complete decentralization.

But enemies are lurking

As with any major change, there are those who oppose it. Critics of decentralization don't see the value in this new technology. They dismiss it as just a passing trend. Even some influential figures who have control over the code have called it a scam, wanting to shut down the network for good. They fail to see the significance of this advancement and don't understand its real worth. But they're forgetting one thing: in this world, the community is everything, and the code rules.

Our Mission

History has a way of repeating itself. During the GameStop saga, we showed the strength of community and social power. Now, it's time to do that again, but on a much larger scale. Our goal is to grow and keep growing. We want to expand so much that our success with the BRC-20 standard becomes a sensation everywhere, leaving everyone amazed at what we can achieve together.

Q4 2023
Project Launch
1000 Holders
List on Centralized Exchanges
Focus on Growth
Q1 2024
Forge Partnerships
List on More Big CEXs
Grow to 50,000 Holders
Continuous Growth Trajectory
Q2 2024
BRC-20 SDeFi App Launch
Q3 2024
To infinity and beyond...
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